Meet Haley



My name is Haley Newell, and I am a certified advanced aesthetician here at the Bensimon Center. I do hydrofacials, medical-grade facials, chemical peels, micro-needling, anything that's going to rejuvenate skin.

Our hydrofacial is a three-step medical-grade facial. What it's going to do is cleanse and exfoliate that top layer of dead skin cells. We're going to infuse a really light peel. We'll go in and do some painless extractions, so really decongest those pores, and then, the final step is to infuse those pores with some antioxidants.

Oh yeah. Men come in all the day. Confidence for men is really important as well. I think a woman appreciates a man that takes care of his skin too.

I try to live a very healthy lifestyle, and I love to promote that for my patients. I think diet and exercise is really important for overall skin health.

And to come see me, of course, at the Bensimon Center.

Running for me, especially with a view, it just takes my mind to a more peaceful place. That's how I decompress from my day.