Bensipeel Chemical Peel in Portland, OR

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About The bensiPeel

Bensipeel is a revolutionary deep chemical peel that significantly improves moderate to severe wrinkles and sun damage. BensiPeel is exclusively offered by world authority and peeling expert Dr. Richard Bensimon in Portland, OR. The well known deep chemical peel, BensiPeel, creates a real change in the appearance of your skin by improving pigmentation, reversing sun damage and eradicating fine lines and deep wrinkles. The results create a smooth, youthful appearance for a radiant and glowing profile. Healthier skin has never been more attainable than with the BensiPeel. Deep chemical peeling has been shown to improve the health of the skin by preventing basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers of the face.   

Waking up comfortable in your own skin

"One of the greatest challenges in my practice is helping patients develop the confidence to wake up comfortable in their own skin everyday. The trend of airbrushed images on social media is imprinting the way society perceives skin and beauty. The depiction of perfect skin can be disconcerting to a patient with substantial aging changes. This has been a driving force in the beauty industry leading patients to spend billions of dollar on treatments and skin care products that are unproven and do not work. My personal mission is to help restore confidence by erasing the ravages of sun damage and aging by providing a treatment that is dramatically rejuvenating. BensiPeel is a modern modality for facial resurfacing that has been proven to be superior to any other treatment including lasers. Performed comfortably in one hour without the use of general anesthesia, the effects of BensiPeel are natural, long lasting and good for the soul."  

BensiPeel™: Created by Dr. Bensimon, Patients who have a BensiPeel may have dark age spots, leathery, sun-damaged skin and deeply etched wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. A full face BensiPeel is usually performed within one hour using IV sedation. Segmental BensiPeel (around the eyes or smaller areas of the face) can be performed comfortably while awake in the office.

One of the earliest aging changes is the appearance of fine wrinkles, crepey skin and the development of crow's feet of the lower eyelids. These changes are very frustrating and the multitude of creams and treatments on the market have little real or long lasting effect. BensiPeel is an excellent in-office treatment providing real change that is obvious for aging of the eyes. Performed comfortably, recovery is straightforward and can be easily camouflaged with makeup and fashionable sunglasses. BensiPeel of the lower eyelids can be combined with upper eyelid surgery in the right candidate for a more thorough result. 


BensiPeel chemical peel Candidates

Seeking the advice of skin professional and leading peeling expert Dr. Bensimon in Portland, OR is the first step in the journey to smoother, healthier skin. The ideal candidate for BensiPeel will be a man or woman who desires to improve the look and health of their skin, wants to reverse aging changes due to sun damage, improve fine lines around the eyes or deep wrinkles around the mouth, wants to lighten dark spots and uneven pigmentation and brighten and tighten the overall complexion of the facial skin. 

Day of Bensipeel

On the day of your full face BensiPeel procedure you will receive mild sedation to keep you comfortable and sleepy. You will need a ride home. You will be seen the next day and then one week there after. A partial or "segmental" peel, (example: around the eyes) can often be performed without the need for sedation as an office visit. 

Chemical Peel What to Expect

 BensiPeel deep chemical peel requires a special mask to be worn on the face in the early recovery period and will be discussed in detail at the time of your consult with Dr. Bensimon

Chemical Peels FAQ's

How much does a chemical peel cost?
Dr. Bensimon will discuss your costs once he has made your personalized treatment plan after the consultation. We offer financing options to help make the BensiPeel affordable. 

How do I prepare for a BensiPeel?                                                                                                               It It It is helpful to begin preparing your skin 4-6 weeks before your BensiPeel to help ensure optimal results. Dr Bensimon includes a BensiPeel pre-peel skincare kit "BensiSkin" with the purchase of a full face BensiPeel treatment. These clinical skincare products designed by Dr. Bensimon include prescriptive Retin A to prepare the skin before your peel. 

Will my face hurt after a chemical peel?
It is common to experience some tingling and warmth similar to a mild sunburn immediately after your peel and usually dissipates within 2-3 hours upon returning home. Your comfort is very important to us and we take every measure to insure that you not only have a great result but also a comfortable experience. It is also common to feel tightness as your skin begins to heal in the first few weeks while your new skin comes in. 

Can I combine a chemical peel with other treatments?
A BensiPeel chemical peel may be combined with another aesthetic procedure. A popular combination for the BensiPeel is the addition of Facial Lipo Filling (fat injection or fat grafting) at the time of the peel to restore lost volume from aging. Your own fat is rich in stem cells (natural growth factors) that help accelerate healing from the BensiPeel and restores the volume inevitably lost with aging. The combination of Facial Lipo Filling and BensiPeel may well provide a more valuable aesthetic improvement than other procedures such as a facelift. 

Skin Cancer:Published in peer reviewed journals is the indication that deep facial resurfacing may be protective against basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer of the face. Our experience is that patients who have received deep chemical peeling BensiPeel, do not develop these cancers or experience a dramatic decreased incidence of occurrence. This is a development we are very excited about and may well be the treatment of the future. 

Recovery: You will wear a special mask for 24 hours and return to the office the next day where it will be comfortably removed. A green bismuth paste is applied and worn for 7-12 days. As your new skin grows in, you will shed the mask, usually by day 12. Your new skin will be pink and fade to your natural color in 8-12 weeks. This initial redness is easily covered with our tinted sunscreen or mineral makeup.

Results: One of the remarkable qualities of the BensiPeel is the unparalleled longevity of results. The new collagen and elastin (the springy cells of skin) created by the peel are not only abundant but amazingly stable. Microscopic studies of peeled skin have shown to be unchanged for decades. Our observation has been that the skin not only does not lose effect but rather looks better with time. This is especially seen when good skincare practice is incorporated after the BensiPeel to help maintain the longevity of result. BensiSkin was designed by Dr. Bensimon with this goal in mind. The long lasting result from BensiPeel is not seen with other treatments such as resurfacing lasers.

Combined with excellent post-peel skin care ( BensiSkin) the BensiPeel stands alone as the gold standard for quality of result and longevity.

Great Skin Starts here

Even if you are new to rejuvenating treatments, Dr. Richard Bensimon will help you find the ideal treatment for your skin whether it is through incorporating an excellent clinical skincare regimen in your life such as BensiSkin, BensiPearl for the treatment of facial pigmentation or whether it is decided to proceed with a more comprehensive approach to aging changes with a BensiPeel. Your newly rejuvenated skin will thank you by being healthier and looking radiant and smooth. Call our office in Portland, OR to schedule your skin assessment today with Dr. Richard Benismon.

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