Jana's Testimonial



Hi you guys, I'm Jana Lee Hamlin. Before I get started, this is the first time I've ever done this, so if it's a little bit awkward, that's because I am a little bit awkward. But I do want to share some things with you guys that are really helping me in my life. I'm not a paid actor to do this, this is not any kind of a paid advertisement. It's something that I really feel compelled to share with you about.

I get asked all the time why does my skin look better and better? How come I'm not aging? What is happening? Why do I start to get better and more youthful looking as I'm getting older? And I'm here to tell you I go to see Andrea Stapleton at the Bensimon Center. She has changed my entire skin since I've been seeing her. I started seeing her about nine or ten years ago. She does anything from fillers to [inaudible 00:00:51], the chemical peels, to Botox. There's an entire line called the Bensi Skin Line, it is cruelty free, it is not tested on animals, nor do they use animal products. And I am here as basically a living testimonial that by using her skin care products, my skin is actually getting better. It's actually rejuvenating more and more and more, which is unusual, since as we get older, as you know, our skin starts to sag, we start to get sallow, we get more dry.

So, Dr. Richard Bensimon and Andrea Stapleton are the owners and co-founders of the Bensimon Center. And if you are at all interested in starting to align your inner beauty, I.e. meditation, Yoga, good eating, and your outer beauty, I really recommend you going to see them. That is something that Andrea also talks a lot about, is good diet, mindfulness when you're eating. Avoid sugar, avoid grains. Eat a lot of healthy fats, drink bone broth. I cannot say enough about this place, they have really, really knowing them for the last almost decade, they have changed my life. And so there it is, I'm sharing it with you, I hope you find it helpful and let's just go out and be our best selves.