Dr Bensimon on AMNW


All right. Can we look younger as we get older? Our own Tammy Hernandez found a doctor with a cutting edge treatment that you have to really see to believe.

I'm in Northwest Portland at the Bensimon Center for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine with Dr. Richard Bensimon himself. And I've been hearing from his associates here, he's so humble, he doesn't want to say, but he is one of the best in the world at what he does. So, tell me a little bit about what you do here.

Well, welcome to the center, we're very excited about our new location here. We have a complete surgical center, we can offer all our procedures here. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon. I've been in practice over 25 years. I've concentrated on aesthetic surgery, I would say for the last 15 plus years, and this is my passion, this is what I do, what I study, and what I write about and what I teach.

And so he's writing about this, and you're constantly studying and you're teaching all over the world, which is amazing. Can we go look at the rest of your center and see what goes on and talk about some of your specialties?

All right.

Okay. So you do a lot of various surgeries in your operating room?


But the one thing that I want to hear about from you is the BensiPeel, tell me about that?

Well I'm very glad you asked me, I'm very excited about this process. This is a wonderful technique that I think is the best way to improve the texture and wrinkling of skin. And it's not well known, people don't know about this, but there is no other technique that comes close to the results that this chemical peel can give you.

Well, let's look at the before and after pictures, because I have never seen before and after pictures this dramatic. Tell me about it.

This process does something different cellularly than say lasers or other techniques, and it, in essence, rejuvenates the skin. It creates younger skin, that's also healthier skin. We're convinced that this process is protective against basal cell and squamous cell cancers, which is huge.

That is huge.

Huge. And the longevity of these results is unmatched by any other technique available.

So how many treatments would I need?

If a patient is older, say in their 60s, quite possibly once is all, and it's permanent. And on younger people we do lighter peels that are a little bit easier, and after some years if there's more aging it can be repeated and it brings them back to where they were, in essence, keeping up with aging. This is enormous power to do this.

It's like a breakthrough.

I think it's a fabulous approach that deserves much more exposure. For example, face lifts are common surgery, but they do nothing for the wrinkles around the mouth. And this peel is tremendous there. And it's a wonderful adjunct to the surgeries that we do and can give a very complete result. This is what we call comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

And you teach people how to do this peel all over the world don't you?

Yes. For whatever reason, there are very few practitioners that do these peels, because there's some historical bias against them from older peels that were troublesome. So it's not well known, so I do teach it. In a few weeks I'm returning to Ghent, Belgium, we're holding our fifth live surgery workshop where I teach these peels and other aspects of facial rejuvenation. And it is our hope to bring these courses to Portland maybe next summer.

That sounds great. Well, you have a lot more great information to share with us about what you do here at the Bensimon Center and about how to help us look younger and feel better. So if you want more information about the Bensimon Center for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, I'll have a link to their website on ours at katu.com. And the address is on your screen right now.