Broth Bar


Broth Bar offers a delicious experience of wellness to everyone from busy professionals and athletes, to those in need of healing nutritional support. Bensimon Center patients receive a 10% discount on orders. Inquire directly for your Bensimon Center patient coupon code when ordering online.

Broth Bar by Salt, Fire & Time is the first dedicated Bone Broth café in Portland, OR that specializes in therapeutic grade Bone Broths and other nutrient dense traditional foods.

A collaboration between sisters Tressa and Katie Yellig, Broth Bar is dedicated to bringing the most genuine and nourishing foods to their customers. They work exclusively with regional farmers and ranchers to source bones from animals that have been pasture-raised and grass-finished, without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Meat and bones from pasture raised animals are better for you, being higher in vitamins and healthy fats. The farmers they work with provide the best quality of life for their animals. They source direct to guarantee purity and humanity, which means that they visit all the farms they source from, know the farmers by name, and sometimes drive all day to pick up bones from a farm to provide the highest quality product for their customers.

Nutrition is Broth Bar’s priority. Bones are then cooked for 3 days at a low temperature to make sure that they extract as much beneficial mineral content as possible. The bone broths are nutrient-dense, and each quart of broth is made from about 2 lbs. of bones. Nutrient testing is available upon request. To preserve the delicious simplicity of the broths, all additional ingredients served and sold at Broth Bar come from only the best artisan producers, and most from the Pacific Northwest region.

Tressa is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. She specializes in a variety of health supportive cooking styles, but mostly advocates the Weston A. Price Foundation’s nutritional philosophy of traditional fats, sprouted grains, pastured meats, raw dairy and fermented foods. She apprenticed under the worker-ownership of Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley, CA, the first community supported kitchen of its kind. In addition, she has experience managing farmer’s markets, working with a variety of artisan food producers, in restaurants, consulting, business management and organizations promoting urban food sustainability, local food economies and seasonality. She has a special affinity for traditional food preparations and loves teaching them as well as introducing people to the nostalgic simplicity of whole foods. She teaches publicly and offers private consultations.

We all believe that good food is the product of an interconnected community of supporters from start to finish and we are dedicated to improving our local food system through our practices.