Bensipeel is a skin renewal method based on chemical peeling devised by Dr. Richard Bensimon and Dr. Gregory Hetter.

The peeling agent is croton oil diluted in phenol. It is very different from the old phenol peelings, which used to have a bad reputation because of frequent and natural porcelain-like appearance.

The indications for Bensipeel are any skin wrinkling condition caused by sun damage, age, disease, and also a mild skin laxity and pigment spots can be treated.

Now, I'm describing my own case report. In late November 2013, Dr. Richard Bensimon came to Gent in Belgium to join us in teaching on combining our own lipofilling techniques, which are Microfat grafting, Sharp Needle Intradermal fat grafting and Nanofat grafting, together with his Bensipeel.

I took the opportunity to have my own lower eyelids treated by the inventor of the method himself. This is my picture before the peeling. I was tired of the crackly aspect of my eyelid skin, the wrinkles, and also the loose skin which was more important on the left hand side. Dr. Bensimon did a peeling at the end of the workshop and no injections for anesthesia were necessary. The first layer is done with pure phenol, which causes a numbing of the skin. It stings like hell about five seconds and then the stinging wears off very quickly, and after 15 seconds the skin is completely numb and the peeling can be performed.

Immediately after the peeling I could feel absolutely no pain and I was able to celebrate the course in the evening together with my colleagues, Dr. Patrick Tonnard and Dr. Richard Bensimon. I could feel a mild stinging during one and a half to two hours after the peeling, no more. And after that I felt absolutely no more pain during the whole recovery.

During the recovery I have taken several selfie pictures with my cellphone every morning, just after waking up when the skin really looks a bit worse. Because it's a little bit dried up. After putting on the special ointment it usually looks a lot better, but judge for yourself.

This is me the first day after the peeling, and as you can see the skin looks loose, it looks swollen. Obviously there is ointment on the skin, which blurs a bit the vision.

This is the second day, the skin is even more loose and even more swollen. And during the second day, Dr. Bensimon judged that some areas could have some extra peeling, and so he re-peeled the still wrinkled areas. It was very tolerable. Didn't hurt at all. There was mild stinging just as during the first peeling. And here he asks me to squint so that the wrinkles are very visible and that he can re-treat the damaged areas again.

Speaker 1:
So this is my picture after the second session of peeling, and as you can see the skin is even more swollen but still intact. The skin surface is still intact.

This is the third day, not much has changed. And this is my picture with the ointment the third day, as you can see the ointment makes the skin look a lot better.

On the fourth day the skin starts to dry up and to scale, to flake off, as you can see. SO there it is necessary to continue the ointment. As you can see, wearing glasses actually hides a lot, and believe it or not I went working from the second day on. So I saw patients in consultation and many of my patients did not even notice what I had done. So it is possible to reduce the downtime very much.

On the fifth day, as you can see, the skin continues to shed. On the sixth day some of the skin has separated and it looks at its worst because it's very red.

Day eight and the skin starts to close up. It's almost completely healed. And on day 10 you can see that the skin is completely recovered except for some minor areas where the skin was peeled the second time.

Now these are my pictures of pre and post, one month post, and I'm really excited. You see that the skin is much tighter, most wrinkles have disappeared, there's still a little bit of redness but that disappeared soon after that.

Now in the meantime we have been doing several Bensipeels in our own practice. The results on skin renewal are absolutely spectacular. So if you are prepared to go through an eight to 10 days of recovery, this method is the very best one can offer for renewing the surface of the skin. And combined with volume restoration by lipofilling and a short scar face lifting, like the MACS-lift, this allows us to restore the natural youthful appearance in all patients, male or female. This is really exciting.

We are working in the Coupure Center for Plastic Surgery in Gant in Belgium. These are the details of our practice and the telephone number, the website. I thank you for listening.