Bensimon Nourish Model


The Bensimon Nourish Model are nutrition guidelines designed for patients undergoing aesthetic surgical procedures. The goal is to promote rapid and complete post-surgical healing by optimizing nutritional intake. Consumption of foods that decrease cellular inflammation is key. We want to help you get back to your day- to day life as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Patients often ask how they can prepare for surgery, the primary question being, “What can I eat?” It is a great question as the quality and type of food you consume is extremely important to every cell in your body, leading up to and following surgery. Once you have scheduled your surgery, you will learn the simple process of preparing your body from the inside-out with nutritious, whole foods. This “eat to heal” approach will support you now and in the future.

The day of surgery, Bensimon Center will provide you with a two day supply of organic pasture raised bone broth that you will use as your core diet. We have partnered with a local company, Broth Bar/ Salt Fire and Time, who provides the most nourishing and healthy food to support our nutrient dense protocol. Please contact to pre-order your bone broth. Inquire with the staff at Bensimon Center directly for your patient coupon code to use when placing orders online. Their delivery service is available for local patients only. Please inform our staff if you are vegan, vegetarian, have food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances.

The core ingredients are supplemented with food you need to purchase ahead of time to be organized and prepared for your surgery. Portland metro patients can order from“Amazon Prime Now” for New Seasons Market (local market) or “Instacart” for Whole Foods. We encourage the use of these delivery services to make food purchase more convenient.

We want you to feel confident knowing that you are consuming the freshest, healthiest ingredients to optimize your surgical experience without the need to worry about extensive planning and preparation ahead of your surgery. Patients who have adhered to our dietary recommendations during their surgical journey with the Bensimon Center have been quite pleased with their experience.