Chemical Peel Results on White Female from Portland OR*

Procedure Details

59 year old female came into to the office to meet with Dr. Bensimon to discuss options for deep wrinkles that she felt made her look older than her real age. Patient had extensive wrinkling with sun damage. A BensiPeel was performed in the office with medium sedation as an outpatient procedure. Patient recovered well and had a dramatic improvement of the deep wrinkles and age spots of her face. Her result is outstanding.

Chemical Peel Story

This woman was a chronic pain patient who felt she had aged prematurely from the stress of her medical  condition and sun damage.  After performing a deep chemical peel ( BensiPeel) in the office, patient was thrilled with her result and felt better about herself.  BensiPeel is an excellent procedure to reverse sun damage and deep wrinking to the face that cannot be improved with a facelift or dermal fillers. 


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