Latina Woman in Salem, Oregon has 360 Liposuction & BBL by Dr. Richard Bensimon*

Procedure Details


40yo Latina 360 Liposuction

40 y/o latina woman from Salem, Oregon had 360 liposuction performed by Dr. Richard Bensimon in Portland Oregon. Using Power Assisted Liposuction with Micro Liposculptor Cannulas, this patient achieved a beautiful hourglass figure. She already looks great at this six week (early result) with some swelling and a few small entry marks that will fade over time. She will also gain more delicacy in her contour as the swelling subsides which can take 3- 6 months. This procedure is performed in our Accredited Surgery Center using MATFAS (Modern Anesthesia Technique for Aesthetic Surgery). This technique for anesthesia which is comfortable and very safe and avoids the use of gas inhalation anesthesia that can leave patients feeling groggy for days. Patients can usually return to work/activities within a few days to a week after surgery depending on the extent of the areas of liposuction. A compressive garment is worn for 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Liposuction also know as liposcultping, is an excellent procedure to give you a trimmer and a more toned look to help you feel more confident.


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