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Stunning Results

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Our mission is to help men and women attain their cosmetic goals and dreams through state-of-the-art plastic surgery, BensiPeel and BensiSkin Clinical Skin Care.

The Revolutionary BensiPeel

The BensiPeel™ is a deep chemical peel that dramatically improves dynamic wrinkles and sun damage by altering the structures of the skin. The results lead to a rejuvenated, youthful appearance that accentuates your beauty. We believe our unique approach to skin care can help significantly increase the overall health and feel of your skin.

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The BensiSkin Story


With a combined total of almost 50 years of clinical expertise in both plastic surgery and cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, Dr. Richard Bensimon and Andrea Bensimon RN (clinical expert and aesthetic nurse specialist) have used their experiences and observations through decades of case studies to bring you the transformative BensiSkin products.

“Working directly with one of the foremost experts in the formulation of medical skincare, we have carefully curated products and skincare regimens designed to yield results without damage. After many years of surgical procedures and deep peeling techniques, we have seen the importance of good skin health before, during, and after each procedure, and how it not only affects the overall outcome but directly contributes to it.

Skin health can only be achieved by providing the right nutrients at the right concentrations with diligent usage and directed graduation. We have created BensiSkin with these factors in mind to assist our patients with guided clinical skincare to transform the health of their skin.”


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Richard H. Bensimon, MD

Dr. Richard H. Bensimon is board certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing for over 30 years. Dr. Bensimon is devoted to the science and art of his service and is always seeking ways to improve the experience for his patients. Dr. Bensimon is widely recognized for his mastery skill set and has earned decorations, such as the Patients' Choice Award by Vitals. You can rest assured that when you visit Dr. Bensimon for aesthetic care, you are in good hands.

Meet Dr. Bensimon


"What do you say about a person who gives you your life back?Thirteen years ago, after lengthy research, I chose Dr. Bensimon as my surgeon to perform a complicated abdominoplasty. The surgery included removal of stretched skin, forming a new navel, and repair of separated abdominal muscles resulting from pregnancy. Dr. Bensimon and his excellent staff brought me through what could have been a trying and traumatic experience with professionalism, knowledge and confidence. My results were, and continue to be, amazing and life-changing. With gentle guidance and masterful expertise, Dr. Bensimon gave me my body back.Today, I write as a happy return patient. Dr. Bensimon recently performed my nearly full-body liposuction procedures (chin/neck, upper arms, pubic area, and inner thighs). Once again, I found myself in the safe, capable hands of a true master of his art.I’m two weeks post-operative, and my results are already incredible. I can’t imagine going to any other surgeon; I joked with Dr. Bensimon that he needs to stay in practice until my first ’real’ facelift in ten years. Working with him feels like a collaboration; we make decisions together based on my body composition and goals to achieve realistic outcomes.Dr. Bensimon is a sought-after speaker and international leader in his field. To be treated by a recognized talent of the plastic surgery discipline has been a pleasure. And that he practices in Portland? What a gift.For those of you looking for similar solutions, my advice is this: You do your body and psyche a disservice when chasing low-cost cosmetic procedures. Dr. Bensimon holds the highest accreditation available in the field, and his excellence shows in every interaction, procedure and outcome. When it comes to your body, there is no replacement for talent, experience and integrity, no matter how low the cost, how big the promises, or how often their ads appear on TV.Dr. Bensimon, if you’re reading this, thank you. You changed my life. If you ever leave Portland, I’ll go wherever you are for my next procedures. You’re a peach.With gratitude,Melody Bridges"



"My chin and jawline look so lovely and youthful compared to before - I have always been self conscious of my neck and jaw area -- I have had excess fat and loose looking skin since my twenties, no matter what weight I have been. I am 5'11" and a bit over 200lbs, so a little bigger, but I still live a healthy lifestyle. My grandmother had the same issue and she was thin her entire life. After getting engaged last year and thinking about my wedding photos, I knew that I wanted to look into getting a procedure that would help me look forward to seeing profile view photos of myself marrying the love of my life.After researching many doctors in the Portland metro area, I found Dr. Bensimon through this site and saw that another plus size woman mention that Dr. Bensimon never made an issue of her weight. That made me excited to meet him and when I saw on his website that he had actually invented a special needle for liposuction of the double chin area, I became extra excited.I felt very fortunate to have found a doctor who was not just highly trained, but also a leading contributor to the field of specialty procedure that I was interested in -- right in my own city! Meeting Dr. Bensimon was lovely. He was kind and funny and looked at my areas of concern and he communicated his vision for what changes he could make and I could not have been happier.Because I am 38, I was concerned that I would need a necklift in addition to the liposuction, but I also wanted to be conservative with how much work I had done. Dr. Bensimon was on the same page, and though he said I could have a necklift, he felt that with the tools and techniques that he invented himself, he could achieve the change I wanted with liposuction alone. Music to my ears!The staff at the center were very lovely leading up to my surgery and after, and the surgery went well and I was back at work in less than a week. I go in for a 12 week follow up today, so hopefully I can get some good before and after photos from the office, as I didn't get any myself.My chin and jawline look so lovely and youthful compared to what they used to look like. So many people have commented that I look like I have lost weight (I am the same weight) and I no longer feel dread when people take candid photos of me! Thank you for that Dr. Bensimon!I did consult with one other doctor who had good reviews just to be certain before booking with Dr. Bensimon, and my experience was less than stellar. I was told that I would need a lift and lipo (for double the cost and recovery time) and that I should try to lose 10-15 pounds "to make the procedure easier" -- the waiting area at that other doctors' office was very hectic and there were many patients confused about their bills and it was like night and day compared to the professionalism of the amazing staff and privacy at the Bensimon Center.Do yourself a favor and if you are looking to have liposuction in the neck/jaw area, go to a true artist and a leader in the field, Dr. Bensimon!"



"Dr. Bensimon and his staff are amazing. My results are beyond what I expected!  I am glad I listened to him about recovery time and expectations as they were spot on. Dr. Bensimon’s skills, expertise, and care gave me excellent results and low stress.  His staff are warm and professional and their facility is beautiful.  I found him through recommendations within the medical community and as a medical professional myself recommend 100 percent."



"Easy and Worthwhile - I had a facelift with Dr. Bensimon one month ago. I was amazed at how little discomfort I experienced post-procedure. I didn't need prescription pain killers, only advil for a few days. As expected, in the first week after the facelift my whole face was somewhat swollen, experienced some tightness around the neck and some discomfort around my ears where the sutures were (more of an annoyance than actual pain). I also had a small bruise in my chin area and one in my left temple, but both were easily covered with make up. Two weeks after surgery I was still a little swollen around the jaw and neck areas, but no one could notice it. My experiences with Dr. Bensimon and his staff have been outstanding (I also had breast augmentation done about 10 years ago). The facelift has brought me back to how I looked 10 or 15 years ago. It really is amazing how easy and painless the whole process was."



"Chin lipo fat injected into chin - Really good doctor described everything in depth made me feel comfortable and was straight to the point didn't want me to get anything more or push me to do anything I didn't want to do.. did an amazing job"




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We are dedicated to providing an outstanding patient experience and enjoy every opportunity we get to serve local men and women through unparalleled cosmetic care. If you are interested in undergoing plastic surgery, we invite you to meet Dr. Bensimon, tour our facility, and explore our photo gallery to learn more about The Bensimon Center.