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Stunning Results

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Bensimon Center for plastic surgery seeks to make a difference in the lives of our patients. 

At the core of what we do, we not only provide options for aesthetic enhancement, but also support feelings of improved self-perception. 

We understand that aesthetic surgery is not just about a physical change; it is about facilitating the feeling of inner beauty. True beauty is the connection to our higher self. This principle guides our commitment to treating the whole person by achieving their aesthetic goals and empowering them to live their lives with passion and with confidence.


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Our mission is to help men and women attain their cosmetic goals and dreams through state-of-the-art plastic surgery, effective nonsurgical treatments, and therapeutic skin care.

The Revolutionary BensiPeel

The BensiPeel™ is a deep chemical peel that dramatically improves dynamic wrinkles and sun damage by altering the structures of the skin. The results lead to a rejuvenated, youthful appearance that accentuates your beauty. We believe our unique approach to skin care can help significantly increase the overall health and feel of your skin.

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Richard H. Bensimon, MD

Dr. Richard H. Bensimon is board certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing for over 30 years. Dr. Bensimon is devoted to the science and art of his service and is always seeking ways to improve the experience for his patients. Dr. Bensimon is widely recognized for his mastery skill set and has earned decorations, such as the Patients' Choice Award by Vitals. You can rest assured that when you visit Dr. Bensimon for aesthetic care, you are in good hands.

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"This center is very nice and the staff extremely good , a few years ago I heard about the Bensimon Center after searching cosmetic fillers on sale on the internet and the Bensimon Center was having a half price deal on all their fillers, I went in and got a beautiful job done on my lips , cheeks and chin area , I hope they have another 50% off sale , I would jump to go again and get my face serviced again. I love how beautiful and natural I looked , the results are addicting!"



"I received liposuction from Dr. Bensimon himself. Our initial consultation was great, I got to meet him and his nurses. They were thorough and open minded and very communicative with my needs, desires and wishes! During our two week pre op appointment, we took pictures and I met with two different nurses who were very thorough with me on information. They introduced a naturopath who gave me a lot of holistic information. I met once more with Dr.Bensimon. Day of surgery was amazing, relaxing and exciting. It was minimally invasive with no anesthesia. The procedure felt great and very comfortable. They played my my choice of music and gave me warm blankets and everything! I felt special, welcomed and that my outcome mattered. I highly recommend the Bensimon center!"



"was recently filmed giving a talk and was able to compare the way I look now to the way I looked when I was filmed six years ago. The changes in my face and neck have been remarkable.I’ve been seeing Andrea for two years now and we’ve done several things such as using the BensiSkin prescriptive skincare line, dysport around the eyes and mouth, Kybella on troublesome jowl and neck areas, and filler to soften typical signs of aging in spots like the temporal hollows, cheeks, under the eyes and lips. Andrea’s skill not only medically but artistically is exceptional. She has a beautiful, natural aesthetic to her work and is gentle and supportive with her patients.I don’t mind getting older, in fact, I enjoy it! I wouldn’t trade the wisdom and experience I have gained for my younger years. I do love transformation and taking care of myself. I’m very happy that I use these products and services as I embrace this next stage in my life with as much joy and beauty I want to express."



"( March 14, 2019 ) Yay!!! Another amazing ang incredible job of Dr. Richard Bensimon. I came back after 6 months to have Lipo, Fat transfer, BBL. Its my 4th day post op and I couldn’t be happier. Im loving the result everyday. The staff are very kind and nice. Very helpful. I recommend Dr. Bensimon to anyone who wants to have plastic surgery. He is great very talented and professional. Ohh and the place? So clean and smell great too. ( September 06,2018 ) I recently had my tummy tuck with Dr. Bensimon., over all experience is aweson., staff are friendly, they took good care of me like a family and not just a patient., from painless, comfort and care., Im excited to see the result and Im planning to schedule another consultation for my breast lift, Dr. Bensimon is a very professional and talented surgeon... The onlt flaws is parking isnt free ??., We got ticket for exceeding the free 2 hours parking."



"It's hard to describe how incredibly well prepared Dr. Bensimon is on the journey to nose surgery. He is patient, caring, and exceptionally skilled. Above all, he delights in the art and perfection of plastic surgery, and that drives the entire patient experience."




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We are dedicated to providing an outstanding patient experience and enjoy every opportunity we get to serve local men and women through unparalleled cosmetic care. If you are interested in undergoing plastic surgery, we invite you to meet Dr. Bensimon, tour our facility, and explore our photo gallery to learn more about The Bensimon Center.