Tummy Tuck

Why choose a Tummy Tuck?

A Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) is the way to rid yourself of excessive skin, stretch marks and scars of the lower abdomen. The “Tummy Tuck” is the procedure of choice when no other lesser surgery (liposuction) will fully correct the damage that has occurred to your abdomen because of child bearing, weight gain or loss and surgery. The results will be a dramatic transformation of your abdomen creating a flatter, tighter and smoother contour. You will have the appearance of looking like you lost weight and the waist line will appear trimmer for men and more delicate for women. You will look better in clothes and feel more confident.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen to create a flatter, tighter looking abdomen. Extra skin is removed by making an incision across the lower abdomen sometimes extending from hip to hip. The incision is planned with great care taking into consideration the natural contours of your anatomy creating the most inconspicuous scar you can achieve. The muscles are tightened at the time of surgery to correct any muscle weakness you may have (bulging) and adds support to the abdomen. A new natural looking “belly button” is created that is often an improvement over the one you started with.

How we are different.

A conventional Abdominoplasty only addresses the gap between the muscles (rectus muscles), but the muscles can also be longer vertically due to pregnancy or weight gain. Therefore, we tighten the muscles in two directions to naturally improve the contour of your abdomen. We also take the extra time to perform a special suturing technique called a “quilting suture” that helps your abdomen stick down flat and eliminates the need to insert uncomfortable drains after your surgery. Patients are happier and more comfortable when they can move freely and don’t feel tethered or bothered managing drains after surgery. We perform liposuction in the waist and hip area to help give you a better contour and decrease the thickness of the upper abdomen. The umbilicus (belly button) is an important aesthetic unit and Dr. Bensimon takes great interest in creating a natural looking “inny” unlike the more commonly seen “flat” belly button.

A special note: Advances in the technique allow us to accept higher BMI patients.

Your comfort is very important to us.

We pride ourselves in offering the safest and most Minimally Invasive Anesthesia available in the industry. We incorporate elements of our Holistic Services and Nutritional Support, to minimize bruising, speed recovery and positively affect your entire experience. Starting with your post-operative recovery in mind before surgery, we can positively affect your entire post-operative course. We want you to be comfortable and calm before, during, and after surgery and we take every measure to ensure this.

Results count.

Please take a moment to review the fantastic results our patients have experienced on their transformative journeys.

Come talk with us.

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