Why Choose Labiaplasty Surgery?

For many women, the labia is the most intimate place of beauty. Pronounced labia minora tissue can cause struggles for women with discomfort during intercourse, and can interfere with favorite sporting activities or wearing form-fitting clothes. We don’t want you to become disconnected to this exquisitely personal area because of how it feels or how it looks.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical means to improve the discomfort, look and contour of the labia minora and labia majora.

How we are different.

Dr. Bensimon utilizes a technique called “Contour Preserving Labiaplasty” that promotes natural contours with a gentler recovery. This procedure can be performed with mild oral sedation and local anesthesia. We utilize the industry’s most innovative and state -of -the- art surgical procedures so our patients can be in their bodies with passion and confidence.

We prioritize the quality of your experience as it contributes significantly to your satisfaction as well as to the success of the outcome. To enhance your experience, we guide you pre- and post-operatively using mindfulness, nutrition and wellness practices that support wound healing and decrease discomfort. More detailed information about our Nutritional Support and our Holistic Services is available.

Come talk with us.

It is important that you meet Dr. Bensimon and his aesthetic team. Our mission is to connect, educate and communicate to you all your options in a private consultation with Dr. Bensimon. To learn more about private consultations, please click the button below.