Fat Injections

Why Choose Fat Injections?

The best filler available to add volume to your face is your own fat. One of the major aging changes of the face is “loss of volume” which is primarily caused by a gradual loss of fatty tissue over time.  The loss of fatty tissue results in a “hollowed out look” around the cheeks, a “sunken in” look around the eyes and a general “deflated” look of the face. One reason why children and younger people look young is because their fatty tissue masks their underlying bony anatomy. As we age and lose our fatty cover, the bony structures become more obvious. An excellent way to regain the richness of youth is to replace this lost fat by transplanting it from another part of the body into the face. Rich with stromal and stem cells, fat not only corrects loss of volume in the face, it also helps to improve the quality and appearance of your skin.  Recent advances in the method of fat harvesting have allowed for versatility of application of fat to the face. Fat can now be used to help correct many various aspects of skin aging and sun damage to the face and chest.

What are Fat Injections?

Utilizing liposuction, Fat Injections involve harvesting fat cells from areas of the body that contain fatty deposits. The fat is immediately prepared and injected into the deep, mid and superficial layers of the face depending on your specific needs. Also known as “structural fat grafting”, this process uses small amounts of fat “micro- injected” into different layers of the face to build new soft- tissue volume and structure. The fat comes into contact with blood vessels nourishing the fat to help it survive. Advancements in modern fat harvesting and grafting technique provides different fat filler products, each for a distinct use in the face. “Macro and Micro-Fat” are utilized for deeper correction, SNIF (Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat Grafting) for more superficial dermal placement and Nano Fat (rich in stromal and stem cells) to improve finer lines, wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation. Recovery is one-two weeks with mild to moderate bruising and swelling.

How we are different.

Traditional methods for harvesting fat use large liposuction cannulas that harvest large particles of fat and leave marks when entering the skin. Dr. Richard Bensimon, however, has developed the Bensimon Micro Sculptor™ to gently remove fat without incisions or leaving marks. The Bensimon Micro Sculptor™ enables him to control the fat particle size and lessen tissue trauma. Complementary products and procedures such as BensiSkin™ and BensiPeel™, are available to enhance your results.

Your comfort is very important to us.

We pride ourselves in offering the safest and most Minimally Invasive Anesthesia available in the industry. We incorporate elements of our Holistic Services and Nutritional Support, to minimize bruising, speed recovery and positively affect your entire experience. Starting with your recovery in mind before surgery, we can positively affect your entire post-operative course. We want you to be comfortable and calm before, during, and after surgery and we take every measure to ensure this.

Results count.

Please take a moment to review the fantastic results our patients have experienced on their transformative journeys.

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