Why choose Blepharoplasty?

Our eyes are the first and most intimate connection with another person. Over time our eyes may appear heavy and tired and may misrepresent how we feel inside. Wrinkling, hollowing and excess skin can all contribute to eyes appearing droopy or hooded and can even impair vision. Blepharoplasty (eyelid and under-eye) surgery is a wonderful procedure that can have a significant impact on your appearance with very little downtime or discomfort during your recovery. This makes it one of the most rewarding surgeries we perform.

What is Bepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to recapture the appearance of the youthful eye. Excess skin is removed in the upper eye to create a crisp fold without changing the natural shape of the eye. Eyelid surgery on the lower lids may involve removing fat to reduce bags or adding fat to improve a sunken, hollow look. Blepharoplasty can be done performed with our minimally invasive anesthesia techniques. This procedure typically has the easiest, most uneventful recovery, and ensures a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of the eyes creating a more rested, alert look.

How we are different.

In traditional Lower Blepharoplasty, an incision is made through the skin, and fat is removed by going through the middle of the eyelid. This approach causes scarring and contracture leading to shortening of eyelid height. In addition to shortening the lid, some surgeons try to improve skin texture by pulling and removing the skin. This can result in unsightly rounding of the outer part of the eye or a “downturn” of the lower lid. Blepharoplasty is tailored to your unique anatomy and we take measures to avoid the “rounded eye” or “pulled down look” (ectropion) so commonly seen with the eyelid surgery.

Through accessing the lower lid fat from behind the eyelid (trans-conjuctival approach) and improving skin texture with a BensiPeel™ we can respect the normal anatomy of the eyelid and achieve natural, long lasting results. When more volume is needed around the eyes, fat injections are a great option. Dr. Bensimon has over 20 years of fat injecting and micro sculpting experience. Using the Bensimon Micro Sculptor™ cannula, he ensures that the quality of the harvested fat is superior, smooth and well suited to the eye area. Patients who also use the BensiSkin™ clinical skincare line report they are easily able to maintain a rejuvenated, youthful appearance by protecting their skin and following a healthy lifestyle.

Your comfort is very important to us.

We pride ourselves in offering the safest and most Minimally Invasive Anesthesia (link to page) available in the industry. We prioritize the quality of your experience as it contributes significantly to your satisfaction as well as to the success of the outcome. To enhance your experience, we guide you pre- and post-operatively using mindfulness, nutrition and wellness practices that support wound healing and decrease discomfort. More detailed information about our Nutritional Support and our Holistic Services is available.

Results count.

Please take a moment to review the fantastic results our patients have experienced on their transformative journeys.

Come talk with us.

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