BensiPeel™ (women)

Why choose BensiPeel™?

BensiPeel™ is a revolutionary advance in facial resurfacing, creating a dramatic change to the skin with improvements to deep wrinkles, pigmentation (dark spots) and sun damage. The skin quality and health is improved because damaged skin is eliminated to allow new skin to grow. Unlike laser resurfacing which only targets the growth of collagen, the BensiPeel™ stimulates collagen and elastin which results in superior skin quality and longevity of results. Because this skin has been thoroughly rejuvenated, it is tighter and smoother with the radiance and beautiful “light reflectivity” we had as children.

What is BensiPeel™?

BensiPeel™ is a customized chemical peel that permanently improves facial wrinkles and sun damage by altering the deep structures of the skin. Comprised of a unique combination of acids safely used in medicine for over a century, BensiPeel™ sloughs away aged and damaged skin cells allowing for the growth of new, healthier ones.

Texture, tone and appearance dramatically improve, resulting in smoother, younger, radiant looking skin that is also healthier. Preliminary research has shown that resurfacing procedures are effective in altering the course of basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. Our 16-year experience with BensiPeel™ has demonstrated exceptional outcomes for our skin cancer patients.

How we are different.

Dr. Bensimon, in collaboration with world-renowned plastic surgeons, has developed this revolutionary peel which has heralded international acclaim. We are delighted to offer a range of customized BensiPeels to meet your facial resurfacing needs. Our beautiful, dramatic and natural-looking results differentiate us from other deep chemical peels and laser resurfacing. Your skin is nourished and rejuvenated so you look younger and refreshed. The Bensimon Center skincare team consists of expertly trained individuals who provide treatment plans that will continue to improve the appearance and health of your skin. Patients who use the BensiSkin™ clinical skincare line also report they are easily able to maintain a rejuvenated, youthful appearance by protecting their skin and following a healthy lifestyle.

Your comfort is very important to us.

We prioritize the quality of your experience as it contributes significantly to your satisfaction as well as to the success of the outcome. We pride ourselves in offering the safest and most Minimally Invasive Anesthesia available in the industry. We incorporate elements of our Holistic Services and Nutritional Support, to minimize bruising, speed recovery and positively affect your entire experience. Starting with your post-operative recovery in mind before surgery, we can positively affect your entire post-operative course. We want you to be comfortable and calm before, during, and after surgery and we take every measure to ensure this.

Results count.

Please take a moment to review the fantastic results our patients have experienced in our BensiPeel™ Gallery.

Come talk with us.

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