Our charity of choice is Rose Haven. We are honored to be the major donor for the Rose Haven Shower Project serving homeless women and children in Portland.

  • At the Bensimon Center we believe that people need to feel safe, be nourished and experience joy in their lives. We can help many people feel this way when they come to our center for help with their appearance.  We do this through our state-of-the art surgical procedures and aesthetic medicine techniques and by educating our patients about wellness and mindfulness. Our goal is to help our patients experience joy in their bodies and live their lives fully. more >

  • But, what about people who are not able to take advantage of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine or our holistic services? We recognize there are many people in our community who are marginalized and need support. As a medical facility, we know the importance of basic human services such as access to shelter, good nutrition, and proper hygiene. We were searching for a way to give back that reflects our values. As a result, we made Rose Haven our charity of choice. more >

  • Rose Haven is a safe day shelter and community center where women and children of all ages have access to respect, assistance and services, regardless of need. Staff and volunteers form a compassionate and supportive team for women who are traumatized by homelessness, abuse, and other disruptive life challenges. Basic needs are addressed and women are helped so they can build confidence and sustainable lives for themselves. Through trust and mutual respect, personal healing and healthy choice making begins. more >

  • The Bensimon Center provides products, clothing, services such as volunteer staffing and financial contributions to the center. We have found great satisfaction in providing this support as a business and as individuals. As we’ve continued to work with Rose Haven and this community, the number one request from women regardless of their compromised living situation is they “just want to feel pretty.” As a result, we donated therapeutic essential oils over the holidays so the Rosehaven guests could feel better. It became apparent to us that it must be difficult to face the challenges of life when basic daily needs are not being met. From this experience, an idea evolved…to build on-site showers for the women and children who visit the center each day. We are now in the planning stages for the Rose Haven Shower Project. more >

  • Portland has a large homeless population and lack of access to sufficient hygiene facilities leads to serious health problems. Many homeless people also report that their inability to be clean can prevent them from getting meals, acquiring services, and gaining access to local businesses and bathrooms. We are very excited about this endeavor because it will help address some of the challenges our city faces caring for the homeless, helping people get clean, stay healthy and experience dignity. We believe that the Rose Haven Shower Project is a solid step towards a more sustainable future for women and their children. When people feel better, they are more confident and hopeful. They are more open to possibilities, learning and trying new things. more >

  • The Bensimon Center actively seeks to involve ourselves in the economic, cultural, and social programs in our community and beyond because we consider ourselves global citizens. As entrepreneurs, we find our ability to be innovative, brainstorm and problem solve is key to contributing to philanthropic pursuits. As a business committed to educating people about positive self- perception, health and well- being, we find that teaching others the importance of self- care and charity furthers the health and wellness of our communities. This approach also fulfills some of our agreements as a certified B Corporation (link to B Corp page): to adopt rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and integrity.