Our Facility

“Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest.” - Goethe

  • Reception

    Bensimon Center is designed to be a warm and inviting space for people to feel at home and at ease. Soothing colors and patterns, uniquely designed rooms, beautiful furnishings and scenes of nature draw people in to rest and relax. Practice rooms with stunning views of the Broadway Bridge provide historical scenery and excellent natural light in which to evaluate skin and deliver injectables. Simple gestures like a warm welcome, a genuine smile and a steaming cuppa help our guests settle and focus on their journey.

  • Practice Rooms

    Bensimon Center is committed to natural and realistic results. As a holistic plastic surgery center, we embrace the concept of plastic surgery inspired by nature. Research has proven that being in nature or viewing scenes of nature increases pleasant feelings and encourages a calm state while decreasing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension. Every moment in life affects the endocrine, nervous and immune systems impacting mood and health, therefore, the Bensimon Center environment is specifically designed to create a sense of ease and peace.

  • Bridgeview Surgery Center

    Bridgeview Surgery Center, a sanctuary for day surgery, is our new, state-of-the-art surgical suite for Bensimon Center patients. The historic Broadway Bridge and “flow of the river” theme informs the design and movement within the space. We are especially pleased with the recovery area that provides a tranquil and restorative environment for patients to recuperate gently and easily. Our operating rooms have large windows, filled with natural light and views of the river city-scape lending an air of peace and serenity with which to experience any surgery.

  • Albers Mill

    Our facility is located in the historic Albers Mill Building conveniently located in the Pearl District on the Willamette River Greenway Trail. Two-Hour Free Parking for short term visits and paid off-street parking are available. We love living and working in the new Bensimon Center and are excited to welcome you into our professional home!