Centrofacial Rejuvenation 2-day Live Surgery Workshop

Posted December 5, 2017

Dr. Richard Bensimon, Dr. Patrick L Tonnard and Dr. Alexis Verpaele hold the 6th Centrofacial Rejuvenation Workshop, August 17- 18, 2018 at Bensimon Center in Portland, Oregon.

Special Guest Speaker : Dr. Foad Nahai, MD, FACS The Maurice J. Jurkiewicz Chair in Plastic Surgery
and Professor of Surgery, Emory Atlanta

Course Schedule: 

Friday- full day didactic lecture

Saturday– live surgical demonstrations

Sunday- Optional tour of the famed Willamette Valley wine country

Skin Resurfacing:Restoration of the skin surface quality can be done with a variety of techniques. Lasers,
both ablative and non-ablative are highly promoted by the industry and deliver variable results, but invariably at a very high expense. Chemical peels are very inexpensive, but results are very operator-dependent.

The most powerful chemical peeling was the phenol peel, but was greatly abandoned due to a high incidence of permanent depigmentation and skin texture changes. New formulations with an emphasis on different croton oil concentrations were published by Richard Bensimon⁴. The results of this peeling, both on skin surface and dermal quality, are clearly superior to any physical or chemical resurfacing method.

Dr. Bensimon has developed a very straight-forward and predictable method of applying the croton oil peels for multiple indications.

Microfat Grafting: Fat grafting was popularized in the 90’s by Sydney Coleman, however there is still debate about the modalities, methods and exact positioning of the
facial fat grafting. Microfat Grafts harvested with specialized microcanulas deliver superior predictability and less morbidity, especially under the thin periorbital skin. This method of centrofacial rejuvenation has revolutionalized our practice and now is included in almost every facial rejuvenation case.

In periorbital rejuvenation, microfat grafting has become a standardized procedure¹. Fat is injected with specific blunt microcanulas, but also with sharp needles in the intradermal level ².Our most recent development in the use of autologous fat is the Nanofat technique³: the stromal vascular fraction and adipose derived stem cells are mechanically isolated from the adipose tissue and used for skin quality enhancement.

The method does not involve any expensive machinery or devices in which the authors would have
a financial interest.


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Attendance is limited. For more information, please visit Coupure Seminars or register here.