Coupure Seminars Course on Centrofacial Rejuvenation

Posted April 26, 2017

Faculty members, Dr Richard Bensimon (USA), Dr Patrick Tonnard (BE) and Dr Alexis Verpaele (BE) will be teaching, in conjunction with Dr. Alexandra Condé-Green (USA), the 5th course on MACS-Lifting,
Microfat, SNIF,
 Nanofat & Croton Oil Peeling in Ghent, Belgium.

Drs. Bensimon, Tonnard and Verpaele will teach their methods extensively, both theoretically and practically. Dr. Condé-Green, from the New Jersey Medical School, Division of Plastic Surgery – School of Biomedical Sciences, will present Fat Grafting research. The workshop consists of a full day theoretical lecturing on Friday, followed by several live surgical demonstration cases on Saturday.

Microfat Grafting has revolutionized our practice, especially in the periorbital and perioral area, and is now included in almost every facial rejuvenation case. We also use microfat as a permanent filler with the SNIF technique (Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat grafting). Our most recent development in the use of autologous fat is the Nanofat technique: the stromal vascular fraction is mechanically isolated from the adipose tissue and used for skin quality enhancement.

Restoration of the skin surface quality can be done with a variety of techniques, among which chemical peelings. Phenol peels were long considered as the most powerful peeling but also the most dangerous. Based on the research of Dr. Gregory Hetter, Dr. Richard Bensimon enlightened that the active ingredient of the phenol peel was actually the croton oil (4).The results of this peeling both on skin surface and dermal quality are clearly superior to any physical or chemical resurfacing method. Dr Bensimon has developed a very safe, straightforward and predictable method of applying the croton oil peeling for several indications.

Attendance is limited. For more information, please visit Coupure Seminars or register here.